Shaker Oval Boxes$25 - $160
The Shakers used oval boxes for sewing and quilting notions, and for kitchen dry goods. Oval boxes are available with cherry or walnut bands, and cherry, walnut, bird's eye maple, lacewood, or sycamore tops. The boxes nest within each other and have a wide variety of uses.
Step Stool $125
Examples of these step stools can be found in many reference books on early Shaker furniture. They may be used to reach tall shelves or cupboards, or simply as a decorative spot to hold candles, books, plants, etc. They are available in cherry, walnut, maple, and combinations of any two of the woods mentioned.
Sitting Stool$95 - $125
Sitting stools, counter stools, and foot stools are all made from solid cherry. They are then woven with cotton Shaker tape which is available in a variety of traditional colours. The sitting stools are useful for a hallway, bathroom, or bedroom or as additional occasional seating for a living or family room.
Candlestand Table$125 - $175
The purity of Shaker design is captured in these round candlestands. They probably best exemplify the Shakers' ability to gain beauty from absolute beauty and simplicity. Candlestand tables are available in cherry, walnut, bird's eye maple, curly maple, quilted maple and spalted maple. They are also available with two different spindle styles.
Sewing Table $300 - $350
These tables were originally designed so that two Shaker 'sisters' could sit on each side and share the various sewing notions which were stored in the drawers (the drawers go through on both sides). In more modern settings, they are ideal as a small games tables, side-table, or phone table. They can be made from cherry or walnut
Blanket Boxes$525 - $725
The Shakers adapted their blanket boxes and chests from earlier colonial times. They often served as storage chests in "retiring rooms". Our blanket boxes are traditionally designed with dovetail joinery, and are bottom lined with aromatic cedar. A perfect wedding, graduation, or anniversary gift.
Memory Boxes$150 - $300
Memory Boxes, as such, are a relatively new item, however, people have kept keepsake boxes, bridal boxes, hope chests etc for generations. In these boxes they have stored special papers, photographs, jewelry and other items of sentimental value. In case of fire, it was often these boxes which were saved first.
Additional charges may apply on specialty woods
Prices are subject to change. Last update May 1, 2009.